Project Description

The Horror Awards winners were presented with a trophy. The point of the awards was, is, and hopefully shall be to give a visible, potentially usable, sign of appreciation to the people work in the area of entertainment, an area too often distinguished by low financial remuneration and indifference”.


Horror Award Category

Horror awards presented in three categories were : Best Artist, Best-Director, Special Award—Professional/Non-professional. Only a few categories have changed(Best-Director and life time achievement award), and no changes have been made to the rules. Winners were presented with the trophy at the awards ceremony.


Award Administration committee

Horror Award nominees and winners are decided by judges and attendees of the Fantasyhorror Awards. A panel of five judges adds three or more nominees before voting on the overall winner. The panel of judges is typically made up of fantasy authors, as well as other fantasy professionals and is chosen each year by the FantasyHorror Awards Administration, which has the power to break ties if the judges are deadlocked.


Life Time Achievement Awards

The Life Achievement Awards do not list nominees, and instead have the winner announced along with the other categories’ nominees. The Life Achievement winner is decided by the judges panel.


Horror Award Eligibility

Eligibility requirements are loosely defined. All types of Horror works are accepted, regardless of style, though whether a given work is considered to be horror is left up to the discretion of the nominators and judges.



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