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By July 1, 2020

One of my friends emailed this interesting tale of his UFO encounter in the northern Rockies. His story follows: When I was a youngster growing up in a rural community in the northern Rockies, it was a matter of tradition for my siblings and I to sleep out under the stars, on our backyard trampoline,

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By April 20, 2020

Thomas Jefferson once wrote to his friend John Adams, “I cannot live without books.” Books were obviously important to Jefferson because of their contents.  Yet, there is another important, secondary role books play in our homes, and that is the role of “looking good.” Though you can’t judge a book’s contents by its cover, you

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By August 26, 2016

The celebrities at the Academy Awards had been inspired by The Aviator, actors and actresses brought back the glamour of old Hollywood. This year’s red carpet was a glow with stars dressed in long, body-conscious gowns, with elegant up-dos and classy makeup. They evoked the glory years of Tinseltown when celebrities would never be seen

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