Old Hollywood on red carpet

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Posted on August 26, 2016

The celebrities at the Academy Awards had been inspired by The Aviator, actors and actresses brought back the glamour of old Hollywood.

This year’s red carpet was a glow with stars dressed in long, body-conscious gowns, with elegant up-dos and classy makeup. They evoked the glory years of Tinseltown when celebrities would never be seen in tabloids in ripped jeans, Juicy Couture baby tees and Ugg boots.

Instead, they’d be gorgeous and impeccably put-together all the time, the envy of all the women watching. Their designer clothes would look rich, their hair and skin luxurious.

I think this was the red carpet where its seen the least craziness and the most absolute gorgeousness,” an online guide to new styles and trends. “No one really went for a tougher look or a menswear-inspired look. It was all pure glamour.”

Particular person after winning the night’s best dress honors. Some will say it was ill-fitting and that it didn’t flatter her. But the Guy high-neck, long-sleeve dress – with its plunging back – was bold and different, sleek and sexy.

Most other dresses were strapless or sleeveless, and very form-fitting. Many, chose the Grecian goddess look seen on the runways for spring 2005.

Even the usually overlooked men took their old-school tuxedos up a notch, wearing jackets with subtle stripes and simple black neckties, replacing the bow tie as the neckwear of choice.

Some people went against the grain in a dark blue coat (not black) with a soft stripe, and a black necktie. Paired with chic sunglasses, he looked like a star. But in a cobalt blue tuxedo coat and tacky neckwear, Depp was a fashion don’t.

Actresses, for the most part, skipped the red-stained lip and cheek in favor of a pale face, nude, glossy lips and smoky eyes that were heavier with dark mascara and eyeliner.

“It wasn’t all about the super-bronzed skin that we’ve been seeing. This year, everyone seemed a lot more luminous,”  and there was a lot more of that old Hollywood glamour on the eyes.”