Pittsburgh haunting to be featured in a movie

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Posted on April 9, 2021

Pittsburgh has more to be known for than just the Steelers. Soon a movie will come out featuring the scary and true tale of “The Demon of Brownsville Road.”

The movie will recount the story of author Bob Crammer’s experiences with a demon that haunted and terrified him and his family while they lived on Brownsville Road in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh.

According to the book (and soon the movie) the family experienced horrifying moments that scared them nearly to death. One of the most bizarre moments occurred when the walls began to bleed blood!

And while the book is full of incredible claims, others who have lived in the same home have never experienced paranormal phenomena. Today, the home is a peaceful bed and breakfast that enjoys a steady stream of ghost hunters, but the vast majority stay without even a whisper from Casper.

The director of this much anticipated horror film is yet to be announced, but the writer is Minnie Schedeen.

Yes, this story has a lot of critics, but what paranormal story doesn’t? As for me, I fully intend to watch the movie!