What to do if you see a ghost

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Posted on February 4, 2021

What do you do if you see a ghost? For most people, their answer might be to scream, to run, or to just be paralyzed with fear. However, this need not be the necessary response. After all, if ghosts are disembodied spirits (which they are), then there really isn’t much to be afraid of, at least when it comes to physical or bodily harm. After all, they’re just spirits. Now, demons and possessions are an entirely different subject, which require another blog post. Yet, when it comes to encounters with spirits, there are better ways to respond than by simply screaming.

Here are some alternatives to screaming if you see a ghost

(1) Try communicating with the ghost

Yes, it’s one thing to see a ghost, but can you talk to a ghost? I mean, think about it! How many people have this opportunity in their lifetime? You’ll likely be met with no response from the ghost, but it’s worth a try. If it were me, I’d say something like, “Who are you?” “Why are you here?” “What are you looking for?” “Can I help you?”

(2) Get angry

Yes, you could get angry and see if you can scare the ghost instead of the ghost scaring you. And if you think about it, you have every justification to be a little ticked off. After all, you didn’t invite this entity into your home. What right does he/she have to just invade your privacy. Some possible outbursts to try on the ghost would be, “Get the **** of my house!” or “Go on! Get outta here!”

(3) Ignore it

Yup, you can play with the mind/consciousness of the ghost by ignoring their very presence. How? Well, you can begin by giving no paranormal credence to any ghostly activity. For example, if a book flies across the room, you could say, “Hmmmm, it looks like my book fell off the shelf because of the wind.” Or, if you actually see the ghost, you could say, “Gosh, that sure is a strange-looking cloud over there.”


Look. Ghosts are everywhere, and they need to begin learning that it is NOT okay to disturb the peace of the living, especially if you’ve done NOTHING to invite them in. So, instead of getting scared when they arrive, try giving them a piece of your mind or at least directly confronting them.