Is Your Home Properly Zombie-Proofed?

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Posted on June 14, 2017

Is your home really ready for the zombie apocalypse? You might laugh at the concept, but the idea of a zombie apocalypse is actually incredibly useful for those who want to be prepared for anything. If you remove the supernatural from the equation, what you leave yourself with is a situation where law and order has broken down, where you are constantly dealing with hostile threats, and where you will have to value having a safe, defensible location above all else. Using the zombie apocalypse as the catalyst for the situation just puts things in terms that people can easily understand.


As you think about home security, it’s a good idea to use the zombie apocalypse as your stand-in. In a zombie apocalypse, you know that any hole in your home security is going to be deadly. While this might not be quite as true in a mundane disaster, it’s a good point from which you can work. Whether you really think that a legion of the undead is coming or you’re just worried about a more human breakdown, it’s a good idea to consider the following when you’re working on making sure your home is safer.


Mechanical Security

When you’re looking at the basics of staving off a zombie invasion, what you really want is simplicity. Complicated systems can fail when society goes down – so make sure that you have simpler systems in place to help you. The most important home security system you can own is a strong lock. Coupled with a reinforced frame, you’ll be able to keep almost anything – living or undead – out of your home. Likewise, simple metal shutters are the easiest way to keep the horde from breaking through your windows.


The Price of Vigilance


How long can you stay awake? That’s the real question in any type of apocalyptic situation. If you’ve watched enough movies, you know that bad things happen as soon as people take their eyes off the prize. Therefore, it’s important that your preparations include some kind of solution for those situations in which you can’t be present. Whether it’s as simple as an alarm notification when you’re out of the home or as complex as designing a safe room for when you sleep, you have to plan for the moments when you can’t be present.


Anticipating Threats


Finally, it’s important that you are able to anticipate threats. What’s near you? Are you in a heavy population center, or are you in a rural area? If your biggest threat is going to be large crowds, you need solutions that will help you to stay out of the way and weather the storm. If you are dealing with isolation, your home security solutions should help you stay safe from other survivors and keep you physically safe from the more mundane threats of life. Figuring out what’s likely to come next is always one of the best skills that a survivalist can have, so make sure that your home is outfitted for the scenario most likely to impact you.


It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see anything like a zombie apocalypse. It’s possible, though, that issues might occur that will create similar circumstances. Preparing your home is a matter of knowing what’s likely to come, what you need to stay safe, and how you’ll deal with the fact that you can’t remain vigilant at all times. You should start preparing for a zombie apocalypse now not because it’s going to happen, but because it’s the best way to deal with many other more realistic problems. There’s no such thing as being too prepared for the next disaster.