What Is Wrong With Modern Horror?

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Posted on March 3, 2017

As much as horror films of all types and subgenres, there are several gripes that as a fan of horror in relation to modern, mainstream horror movies. Of course everyone within shouting distance knows how I feel about remakes and the lack of creative flow from Hollywood so we won’t even bore you with more rant on that topic. New stuff, good. Remakes, bad. That’s all you need for that.

Even larger than my frustration with filmmakers having the need to dig up timeless classics for revenue is the fact that few attempt to make a film anymore without amping up the gore even when it isn’t necessary. we love to see the limbs and entrails fly when it fits the story. What we talking about is that the lack of suspense and creativity involved in making us cringe.

Is showering us with viscera the only way these people know how to elicit a response? Perhaps it has something to do with the time. Maybe we have seen too much and don’t know how to just be scared anymore. The Exorcist is one of the most frightening films ever made yet rapt through the rerelease several years ago only to hear some guy behind me call it boring. What does it say about us as fans that we have to have our spooks spoonfed to us. The opening scene in Jaws was enough to keep bathers from the ocean for years and you don’t see a damned thing. You don’t have to. But this is how I look at it. Anyone can rip open a cavity or poke out an eye to make us gag but only a true master can give us the willies. But then I still lay awake at night sometimes and see creatures in the shadows of my darkened bedroom just like we did when we was a child. These same creatures force me to seek the sanctuary of my blankets just as they did all those years ago. They are alive and well in my imagination. And trust me, they are not dripping with goo.

we think you get the idea so let’s move on. My other gripe about modern horror is that we seem to have lost our roots. So many filmmakers see the horror genre as a cheap and easy way to break into the business. Hell, we’re so damned happy to see horror at the cinema that we’ll watch practically anything. we think the likes of House of the Dead is testament to that.

The Descent is one of the scariest films I have seen in a long time and it is all about atmosphere. Masterpieces that are willing to take the time to produce true fear are cast aside in favor of the latest borefest involving the newest crop of teens to seek hiatus from their weekly drama series. Time after time I find myself sitting through unimaginative drivel created by people who don’t even care about the genre. For many it seems that horror is just a quick way to make a buck and get something on film.we remember the days when horror films weren’t so plentiful but the ones you got were worth seeing.

Going to see a horror film used to be an event. Now we can honestly tell you that of all the films we have seen in recent years, few have made an impact worthy of noting. Few have cared enough to attempt to truly frighten. All we seem to get are cheap gotchas and snore-inducing antics. Perhaps now you feel the need to tell me that if I dislike it so much stop watching it. we can’t. I keep hoping that something will prove worthy of being called horror.

So with that beg future directors to hear my plea. If you feel the need to make a film, do so but please at least pretend to give a damn about what your fans need. We need something to keep us tossing and turning in the dead of night. We need something memorable to get the adrenaline flowing. We do NOT need Tina Teenager on a break from filming Gossip’s Creek wandering around trying to find a cell phone signal.